2014 End of Year Book Survey

I got these questions from Perpetual Page Turner.

Number Of Books You Read: 84

Number of Re-Reads: 46

Genre You Read The Most From: Young Adult/Teen.


1. Best book you read in 2014?

Going through all the books I rated five stars like:

*Only read part of this series in 2014, couldn’t be bothered listing the individual books

2. Book you were excited about & thought you were going to love more but didn’t?

Jesus Christ I think I need to stop it here because I could go on forever. These are not even the books I hated, just the ones I was disappointed in.

3. Most surprising (in a good way or bad way) book you read in 2014? 

The Ghost and The Goth (Series) by Stacey Kade. I expected a cheesy/corny story full of high school clichés and stereotypes wrapped in a guilty pleasure after school special – and I was only partly right. It surpassed my expectations with well-rounded, flawed characters and a believable romance that went way deeper than I expected it to. One of my problems with the Airhead (Series) by Meg Cabot is that I feel like it didn’t tackle the issue, of identity and loving someone for their soul or their body, well enough. The Ghost and The Goth does this much better (“I know who you are…no matter what you look like”), hell the last book is called “Body and Soul”.

4. Book you “pushed” the most people to read (and they did) in 2014?

Probably The Mediator (Series) by Meg Cabot. Or Love, Rosie by Cecelia Ahern. Although I can’t say whether or not anyone actually listened to me.

5. Best series you started in 2014? Best sequel of 2014? Best series ender of 2014?

The only (new) series I really got into this year was The Ghost and The Goth plus the Haley Randolph (Series) by Dorothy Howell. Oh, I know, I know, total chick-lit right and not for Serious Readers ™. Well have some words from Emily Giffin on the subject:

“My work has often been described as “chick lit” and for the most part the term doesn’t bother me. I think it simply signals to readers that the book is about women, written for women (although many men enjoy my books), about issues that concern women (relationships, careers, etc.) The only thing that bothers me is when the label is used disparagingly, to imply that all chick lit is, by definition, superficial, beach-read fluff because I believe that this is akin to saying that all women are devoid of substance and the issues that concern us, are fundamentally trivial ones. And I take issue with that.”

Although I am disappointed with the latest book in the series, I will be following this series to its end. Mostly for Haley I think. I am so disappointed in the misogynistic reviews claiming Haley is a “selfish bimbo who doesn’t deserve her official boyfriend.” Firstly because her “official boyfriend” Ty is sketchy at best and abusive at worst. Secondly, yes, Haley can be annoying and frustrating but that’s what makes her human and relatable; a good character is a flawed one that you don’t always like.

She has a much bigger heart than people give her credit for. [Spoiler Alert] She uses her money to create a scholarship in the name of a dead girl that she talked to once or twice. She patiently helps Evelyn along in her recovery. She gives away the Judith Leiber bag to Maya, who was then able to use it to pay for her education.

She’s also smarter than people give her credit for. I’m getting some serious Legally Blonde vibes. In the first book, Haley realises that Kirk had used and framed her to embezzle funds from Pike Warner’s law firm because “[she] was stupid”. “Too consumed with partying, clothes and handbags – not that there’s anything wrong with them – to be aware of what was going on” and I thought that was a great message to send. Because Kirk underestimating Haley’s intelligence is what ultimately led him to his downfall. Because there WAS nothing wrong with partying, clothes and handbags and being consumed by those things didn’t stop Haley from figuring out what Kirk did. It actually helped her figure out what Craig did.

6. Favorite new author you discovered in 2014?

Even though I was disappointed in Baby Proof, I’ll be reading some more of Emily Giffin’s books in 2015.

7. Best book from a genre you don’t typically read/was out of your comfort zone?

Gosh, I don’t know, even though there are definitely genres I read more of, there aren’t any I stay away from. I guess the sequels to Avalon High by Meg Cabot in manga style…what’s that about? Why did Meg decide to continue the series in manga instead of writing? I DEMAND ANSWERS. Wait, is that a genre or a type of book?  

8. Most action-packed/thrilling/unputdownable book of the year?

  • Harry Potter/Hunger Games?
  • Vampire Academy (Series) by Richelle Mead
  • The Mediator (Series) by Meg Cabot
  • Gallagher Girls (Series) by Ally Carter
  • Heist Society (Series) by Ally Carter
  • Artemis Fowl?

A lot of the books I read have action in it but I wouldn’t call it action-packed/in the action genre.  

9. Book you read in 2014 that you are most likely to re-read next year?

Hahaha. Basically all the ones I’ve already re-read a million times but always want to re-read again eventually because SENTIMENTALITY. Or books I’ve read a long time ago and forgotten what happens.

  • The Mediator (Series) by Meg Cabot (there’s a 7th book coming out though so I do have an excuse)
  • Harry Potter (Series)
  • The Hunger Games (Series)
  • I would put Vampire Academy (Series) here except I’m so angry with the way it ended and pretending Bloodlines (the spin-off) doesn’t exist
  • Artemis Fowl (Series) by Eoin Colfer
  • Gallagher Girls (Series) by Ally Carter
  • Haley Randolph (Series) by Dorothy Howell
  • Sookie Stackhouse Series by Charlaine Harris

10. Favorite cover of a book you read in 2014?

HAHAHA. No matter how much you hate Twilight, you have to admit these covers are gorgeous and pretty good for what they are supposed to represent.

11. Most memorable character of 2014?

  • Hermione Granger
  • Katniss Everdeen
  • Rose Hathaway – Vampire Academy (Series)
  • Susannah Simon – The Mediator (Series)
  • Haley Randolph
  • Cammie Morgan – Gallagher Girls (Series)
  • Macey McHenry – Gallagher Girls (Series)
  • Alonda Dare – The Ghost and The Goth (Series)
  • Darcy Rhone – Something Borrowed/Something Blue

I saved the most controversial for last:

  • Bella Swan (Twilight)
  • Rosalie Hale
  • Leah Clearwater
  • Bree Tanner

I’m very sorry. I’ve failed as a feminist. I know I’m supposed to be victim blaming female characters in misogynistic narratives instead of feeling protective over them.

12. Most beautifully written book read in 2014?

The Book Thief? The most beautiful love story would have to go to Love, Rosie though.

13. Most thought-provoking/life-changing book of 2014? 

The Book Thief. Something Blue for the character development (although you’d have to read Something Borrowed to really understand the impact). The Ghost and The Goth for the idea of body and soul (“I know who you are…no matter what you look like.” SOBS. NOT OVER IT. NEVER OVER IT). Oh and the character development. Also Heaven Can Wait by Cally Taylor.

14. Book you can’t believe you waited UNTIL 2014 to finally read?  Erm, none really. The only “iconic” books I’ve read in 2014 are the ones I’ve already read in previous years.

15. Favorite passage/quote from a book you read in 2014?


16.Shortest & Longest Book You Read In 2013?

Do the manga editions of Avalon High count? I’ve read some short stories…but I’m honestly not sure. The longest would have to be The Book Thief or Love, Rosie.

17. Book that shocked you the most

Forbidden by Tabita Suzuma…but not because of the incest. I mean, that itself is shocking and based on that alone, I wouldn’t have touched the book with a ten foot long pole…but it was #1 on a list titled “Books You Wish More People Knew About” and so the curiosity got the better of me (although it’s no longer #1 on the list go figure). Before I read the book, I thought for sure I knew what the “shock ending” was going to be: one of them was going to die. Halfway through, my prediction shifted: they would get found out and their family would be split up. I was not prepared. But even then, the ending was not the only reason I found it shocking.

18. OTP OF THE YEAR (you will go down with this ship!)

  • Suze/Jesse – The Mediator (“No thank you, querida. I think I want to stay and see how it all ends.”/”That was before…before I saw him.”)
  • Alona/Will – The Ghost and The Goth (“I know who are you…no matter what you look like.”/”Will Killian. Mine.”)
  • Haley/Jack – Haley Randolph Series (“All I can say is you’ve met the man who is your destiny. You already know him quite well.”)
  • Alex/Rosie – Love, Rosie

One night, he wakes

Strange look on his face

Pauses then says

“You’re my best friend”

And you didn’t know what it was

You can hear it in the silence

Okay, so that’s a Taylor Swift song but I think the quote applies.

19. Favorite non-romantic relationship of the year?

All the female friendships in Gallagher Girls (“And most of all, she is my sister.”)

20. Favorite book you read in 2014 from an author you’ve read previously

Maybe it’s because Gallagher Girls is on my mind after that but I read Heist Society by Ally Carter, not because it’s the same author though but because there’s a crossover. I have to say I’m disappointed and enjoy Gallagher Girls a lot more, maybe because female characters and female friendships is more of a central theme. Also I’m frustrated with Kat/Hale because in one book, we went from “not kissing her back” to the next book where they were suddenly dating? Where was the conversation that was supposed to happen in between? I know Kat started one with “Hey I kissed you and you didn’t kiss me back” and Hale was all “It’s not that I didn’t want to” but they never really finish that conversation and we never really get an explanation, it’s just BAM. Suddenly they’re dating in the next book. Makes no sense.

21. Best book you read in 2014 that you read based SOLELY on a recommendation from somebody else/peer pressure? Erm. I don’t know, The Book Thief? I read it because of the movie.

22. Newest fictional crush from a book you read in 2014? 

Jack Bishop from the Haley Randolph series.

23. Best 2014 debut you read?

The only book I’ve read published in 2014 is Duffel Bags and Drownings, the latest novella in the Haley Randolph series and I found it disappointing.

24. Best worldbuilding/most vivid setting you read this year? 

Can I say the Elemental Assassin (Series) by Jennifer Estep? It’s dark and gritty and not for everyone (think True Blood).

25. Book that put a smile on your face/was the most FUN to read?

Can I say the Twilight series? It’s just so unintentionally funny sometimes. I guess I would have to say The Boy Series by Meg Cabot although that doesn’t mean you should read it. It’s funny and not much else.

26. Book that made you cry or nearly cry in 2014?

The Book Thief. Heaven Can Wait by Cally Taylor. The Ghost and The Goth (Series.) The Mediator (Series). Gallagher Girls (Series). And I think I may have gotten a little emotional over Spider’s Revenge (Elemental Assassin #5).

27. Hidden gem of the year?

I keep going back to The Ghost and The Goth (see Q3).

28. Book that crushed your soul?

THESE ARE ALL THE SAME ANSWERS. The Book Thief. Heaven Can Wait. See Q26 (although I’ll admit that for some of them, it probably had less to do with the story being sad and more to do with sentimentality/me caring too much about the characters and not wanting to say goodbye).

29. Most unique book you read in 2014?

Avalon High by Meg Cabot is the only book I’ve read about reincarnation, does that count?

30. Book that made you the most mad (doesn’t necessarily mean you didn’t like it)?

There were books I was disappointed in (see Q2) and books I’m upset about (Vampire Academy) but I wouldn’t say mad?


1. New favorite book blog you discovered in 2014?

2. Favorite review that you wrote in 2014?

I was going to cross-post some reviews I wrote on Goodreads but this is already getting too long so maybe I’ll write them in separate posts.

3. Best discussion/non-review post you had on your blog?

4. Best event that you participated in (author signings, festivals, virtual events, memes, etc.)?

5. Best moment of bookish/blogging life in 2014?

7. Most popular post this year on your blog (whether it be by comments or views)?

 8. Post you wished got a little more love?

9. Best bookish discovery (book related sites, book stores, etc.)?

10.  Did you complete any reading challenges or goals that you had set for yourself at the beginning of this year?

I had a challenge to read 100 books and I got up to 84.


1. One book you didn’t get to in 2014 but will be your number 1 priority in 2015? 

This is terrible. I picked up A Game of Thrones, read a couple of chapters and then…just never picked it up again? I just picked it up today and I’ve already forgotten most of what happens in the earlier chapters I’ve read, DOES THIS MEAN I HAVE TO START ALL OVER? I also got halfway through 50 Shades of Grey before stopping for no apparent reason. I know it’s supposed to be an abomination to literature, just like Twilight, but it’s popular and there’s a movie coming out and I’m a sheep that way; I have to check it out.

2. Book you are most anticipating for 2015 (non-debut)?

I don’t know, Embassy Row by Ally Carter? It’s a series debut but not an author debut.

3. 2015 debut you are most anticipating?

4. Series ending/a sequel you are most anticipating in 2015?

Is there another Heist Society book being published in 2015? Isn’t there another Princess Diaries book? Because Meg knows her best work was her older books so she’s going to go back and capitalise on that even though the series ended perfectly fine where she left it?

6. A 2015 release you’ve already read & recommend to everyone?

What the, it’s been like two days of 2015.

5. One thing you hope to accomplish or do in your reading/blogging life in 2015?

If you’ve made it this far, well done. Or maybe you just scrolled to the bottom without reading hmm. Anyway, I started this blog as part of my fashion course for Social Media Marketing and now I’m thinking I’ll keep it for anything that interests me: books, fashion, tv shows. Maybe I’ll write book reviews or something.


50 Shades of Perfume

Alright guys, one more post before I bid adios for the week.

I was shopping a couple of weeks ago and I got stopped by a saleswoman. I know what you’re thinking: “Why did you stop!?” The answer to that is for another post for another time. The point is, that THIS time, I bought a perfume for $90 or so and got five other perfumes for free. That’s a pretty good deal right? Except if she knew what she was doing, all the perfumes were probably worth $20 and she made me think I was getting more for my money’s worth. Oh well.

The thing is, I don’t even wear perfume. I’m good to go with deodorant. Save the perfume for dates and special events. But now I’m confident enough that I have too much to just keep on “saving” them. So we’re going to be doing some test-runs. For 50 (okay so I don’t know the exact number) non-consecutive days, I will be wearing a different perfume every day. I will document and review how they feel and how other people respond to them and draw up a comparison by the end of which worked best for what etc.

There will be two editions of this: the Taylor Swift edition in which I have all of her perfumes and the…non-Taylor Swift edition. Stay tuned!

Behind The Scenes of a Fashion Show

Alright, before ya’ll get too excited, it wasn’t a runway show, it was a product launch.

A couple of months ago, I volunteered to help out – I deign not to say the name of the brand. Although “Chase” is not my last name (it’s named after the ever flawless Cordelia Chase!) not everything I say is positive (specifically the models) and I don’t want this coming back to haunt me.

I always get nervous about what to wear for fashion events especially if you’re working – everyone knows there’s a professional code to dress for the office but what about the fashion office? Shouldn’t some stylistic choices be made?

In the end, I decided not to put too much effort into what I was wearing because hey, I was just volunteering and behind the scenes and no one was even going to notice me right? And I didn’t want to seem like I was trying too hard. I then ended up regretting it because of all the beautiful people (including volunteers) my eyes were hit with when I arrived. I’m just relieved for the little effort I did put in rather than the sweats I was very, very tempted to wear outside the house – what? I was tired. It was the holidays.

Mostly I gifted gift bags (gifted gift bags…is that even a grammatically correct phrase?) and then had to match pictures to the right outfits (which is more difficult than it sounds because the pics were black and white and all out of order) so I spent ages being like “This looks like the outfit in the picture…no wait, no it isn’t”. I got assigned a model to dress for the show, which I assumed was stuff like zipping up her dress but it turns out I was supposed to dress EVERYTHING for her which I thought was ridiculous because can’t she put on her own shoes? Yeah, I’m new. I’m young. I was an amateur (and still is one). Don’t judge.

But I kept my mouth shut of course. I also learned there is no modesty in the fashion industry. I mean I knew they were going to be in their underwear because I had to dress them but like at some points, the models were like “you can see my bra under this dress and that looks tacky so I’m just going to take this off” and it’s like “woah where do I look? Oh no must seem professional” or like when I had to dust off their outfits while they were wearing them and I felt really awkward around the chest area because I was basically patting down their boobs. Oh Cecilia. You naive little butterfly.

Okay here comes the shade: One of the models didn’t seem to care that much for me but then what am I to her except a lowly amateur volunteer? I don’t know about the other models but she was also the one that seemed to have the most experience (or at least was the most vocal about her experience). I heard her talk about her work for Forever New. And how apparently a girl who had recognised her from a photo shoot was a totally freaky stalker which…I mean, you do know you’re a model right? You pose for photos that promote clothing/brands? Those photos are public? Ergo people will recognise you? Okay shade over. That was pathetic. I can’t even shade right.

I’m pretty sure she thought I was weird as well because I was eavesdropping and I don’t think I hid it very well. It was a small backstage. You could hear everyone talk. What was I supposed to do, turn my ears off? She also talked about another model who would make the most gorgeous Victoria’s Secret model but apparently she “walks funny”. And I paraphrase: “This is kind of mean but she wouldn’t work on the runway but she takes the most gorgeous still-photos so if she just stood still, she’d be a shoo-in for Victoria’s Secret”.

We also had sushi delivered which I now realise was perfect to feed models backstage of a fashion show because it was light finger food so it wouldn’t make a mess. And there was a caterer! Make fun of me all you want for getting excited but that food was some of the best I’d ever had. Most of the food they were making for the buyers and such in the audience but we got to try some too then there was the after-party with champagne and we were told we could leave whenever we wanted. We got a Chanel voucher that all the guests of the event got…but more on that in another post. Overall, I’m glad I got the experience.

OH and there was a cute little puppy pug that was just the most adorable thing, it didn’t stay for the show but it was there during the day when everyone was preparing for the show and now I can’t help but compare it to my sister’s dog who I’m currently looking after. They’re both cute puppies but mine (a toy poodle) is very energetic and bubbly, she barks at strangers and jumps up on you and wants your food…the pug on the other hand was so sweet and docile, she greeted us when we entered the gallery but she didn’t bark or jump like mine would have, but she also doesn’t mind if you pat her and now I look at mine and frown and go “why aren’t you as sweet as her? you’re just a playful, mischievous little shit” and I mean that in a loving way but GOD sometimes I just don’t have the energy to run around with her.

This is totally off-track now but maybe I’m more of a cat person and my mum is totally prejudiced about it, she’s all “dogs are a man’s best friend, cats aren’t very loving” and I’m like OMG cats are just as needy as dogs but they don’t feel the need to jump around everywhere to show it. Then she goes “but dogs can protect us” even though the toy poodle we’re looking after is a tiny little thing, she barks because she’s SCARED, not because she’s any tough, but then mum goes “yeah but when most people hear a dog barking, they’ll leave you alone” which is true. I was home alone once and I heard the dog barking and when I looked outside, I saw she had scared off a door-to-door salesman.

Sometimes I think when I’m living by myself, I’ll get all sorts of pets like dogs, cats, rabbits, a chick and a duck (and a monkey like in Friends!), and even a snake but then what if the snake doesn’t play nice with the other creatures??? These are the things I think about until I realise I live in a capitalist society and would probably have trouble affording even one pet let alone a zoo.

The Selfie Culture: Or Team Self-Esteem


“You painted a naked woman because you enjoyed looking at her, put a mirror in her hand and you called the painting “Vanity,” thus morally condemning the woman whose nakedness you had depicted for you own pleasure.” ― John Berger, Ways of Seeing

Source: (x)

Why is it that when people get down about how shallow selfies are, they’re always talking about teenage girls? Because when we live in society where images of women are distorted and manipulated to cater to the male gaze from sculptures in art history to what we see on magazines and billboards and only 2% of thousands of women from 10 countries around the world consider themselves beautiful and a teenage girl feels confident enough with herself that day to share her appearance with the world…shouldn’t that be an honour? Shouldn’t that be a fucking celebration?

I’m going to keep this short and sweet: To take a selfie that day is to have good enough self-esteem that day. To take a selfie that day is to not be ashamed. To take a selfie that day is to not hate yourself. Girls, don’t ever let anyone make you feel wrong for loving yourself. It’s about time we stop romanticising that low self-esteem.

Legally Blonde: And Cultural Narratives Surrounding Femininity

If you are a girl, I’m sure you have at one point come across the dichotomy between “smart” girls who stay at home and read as opposed to “stupid” girls (thanks Pink) who love fashion, shopping, partying and generally traits associated with femininity. Hell, even if you aren’t a girl I’m sure you’ve come across this. Apparently you can’t be both and being one will make you more or less intelligent than the other.

Enter Elle Woods. No one takes her seriously because she’s a girly girl but she goes on to become a Harvard educated lawyer and proves everyone wrong. Some have taken this to mean that she worked hard to improve herself which is not a bad message in itself.

However, relatively early in the movie, Elle reveals to her sorority sisters that she scored 179 (out of 180) for her LSAT (law school admission test). If you want to compare fictional characters, Sam Winchester of Supernatural scored 174. The nerdy guy who loves to read books did not do as well as the perky blonde who planned on moving from her sorority house into her husband’s house straight out of college. Again, there was no evidence to suggest that Elle was unintelligent, merely a stereotype of feminine women that was brought without much substance backing it up.

Because of her knowledge of hair perms, Elle was able to deduct that a witness testimony was false and that the witness was infact the murderer. People will try to belittle her victory by claiming that it was a fluke, that if the witness hadn’t made the mistake of lying about getting a perm, Elle would never have won the case. They ignore how she earned her place in Harvard Law School, graduated with high honours, is the class elected speaker at the ceremony, and has been invited into one of Boston’s best law firms.

If another lawyer had taken the case, one who did not have Elle’s extensive knowledge of hair care, they would not have been able to point out the hole in their story. The point is that Elle’s knowledge in feminine things is not to be overlooked as silly and useless.

Source: (x)

Let me tell you something about fashion – be it design or merchandising – that is some in depth, difficult knowledge to learn. Yet pursuing it is still seen as shallow. Let’s be real here. Fashion is considered to be one of the few industries dominated by women (even though that’s not actually true) and people have some weird attitudes to things related to traditional femininity. I mean, how can anyone take her seriously when she is wearing a pink suit to court?

Pink is just a colour. It used to be a “boys” colour and blue used to be a “girls” colour.

Apparently an article in the trade publication Earnshaw’s Infants’ Department in June 1918 said:

The generally accepted rule is pink for the boys, and blue for the girls. The reason is that pink, being a more decided and stronger color, is more suitable for the boy, while blue, which is more delicate and dainty, is prettier for the girl.

You’ll find this quoted everywhere but isn’t it great I can’t find the original source? Good thing this isn’t academic writing. How about this one?

When colors were first introduced to the nursery in the early part of the 20th century, pink was considered the more masculine hue, a pastel version of red. Blue, with its intimations of the Virgin Mary, constancy and faithfulness, was thought to be dainty. Why or when that switched is not clear, but as late as the 1930s a significant percentage of adults in one national survey held to that split.

Source: (x)

There are many theories surrounding why this changed. Personally? I go with the theory that cites this shift due to pink triangles being used to identify homosexuals in Nazi prison camps – therefore leading it to become a “womans” colour. Because you know, gay men = femininity = women. *eye roll*


Look, there are some serious sexist (and homophobic) reasons why the colour pink and fashion and all things feminine is associated with women. There are some serious problems with “weaponized femininity”. There are also some problems with Legally Blonde as a movie. And, you know, the concept of “intelligence” being classified as “book smart”.

But ultimately it is about a woman who refuses to compromise her gender expression (ie. being feminine) for anybody, drops a guy for not respecting her and ends up making friends with the not-so-feminine woman she is supposed to hate for “stealing” her boyfriend. Because hating other girls for how they express their femininity (or lack thereof) is so tired and cliche.

Taylor Swift’s Fashion Eras: A Quick LookBook

So first we had Country Music Taylor:

When I was fifteen, I loved the idea of a sun dress and cowboy boots and that was all I wore for like two years

Then we had Love Story Taylor:

And then I just started loving the Bohemian look fairy-type looks with a flowery headband so I dressed like fairy would dress like for two years


Next came Speak Now/Red Taylor:

I see pictures from the 50’s and 60’s where women have like red lips and a pearl earring and like those very classic looks and dress a little more vintage




And now we have…


Source: (x)

Just kidding. Now we have 1989 Taylor with crop tops and leggy assortments of skirts and dresses:

Taylor Swift attends the 49th Annual Academy Of Country Music Awards



So why all these changes?

As a songwriter and as a person, I just try to be really open to inspiration, you know whether I’m walking down the street on New York and I see somebody wearing something cool and I’m affected by those things in the same way you have to be vulnerable to new emotions and painful emotions and great emotions and let those things into your song writing. I kind of let the same thing happen to me as far as fashion goes and what you find is yourself experimenting and becoming comfortable you know trying out things you weren’t comfortable with before but I do, I’m very organised in weird ways in that I kind of like to look at old pictures and see what my hair looks like and what I’m wearing and be like ‘Oh that was the second album’.

So how does her upcoming album ‘1989’ and her new lead single ‘Shake It Off’ reflect her new style?

Writing ‘Red’, I was 21 and 22 and back then I think my priorities were different. My priorities were, I was very enamored by romance and the idea of that. At 24, at this point, I’m just really like, I just want to be with my friends, and I wanna make music, and I wanna play shows, and I wanna travel the world, and I want to define my life on my own terms. That’s my list of priorities now which is different than it was a couple years ago.


– Taylor Swift on the difference between writing ‘Red’ and ‘1989’ (x)

When you go through these eras, you see it is not just Taylor’s hair that’s changed, it’s her entire attitude which reflects in her music and fashion. Gone is the awkward hopeless romantic teenager who was afraid to wear high heels. In her place is a grown independent woman who ain’t afraid to flaunt it! And I for one, am happy to welcome her new found confidence!


Source: (x)

Note: None of these photos are mine. As much as I love Taylor, I do not follow her around everywhere with a camera. Photographers call them candids. Police officers call it stalking.