Behind The Scenes of a Fashion Show

Alright, before ya’ll get too excited, it wasn’t a runway show, it was a product launch.

A couple of months ago, I volunteered to help out – I deign not to say the name of the brand. Although “Chase” is not my last name (it’s named after the ever flawless Cordelia Chase!) not everything I say is positive (specifically the models) and I don’t want this coming back to haunt me.

I always get nervous about what to wear for fashion events especially if you’re working – everyone knows there’s a professional code to dress for the office but what about the fashion office? Shouldn’t some stylistic choices be made?

In the end, I decided not to put too much effort into what I was wearing because hey, I was just volunteering and behind the scenes and no one was even going to notice me right? And I didn’t want to seem like I was trying too hard. I then ended up regretting it because of all the beautiful people (including volunteers) my eyes were hit with when I arrived. I’m just relieved for the little effort I did put in rather than the sweats I was very, very tempted to wear outside the house – what? I was tired. It was the holidays.

Mostly I gifted gift bags (gifted gift bags…is that even a grammatically correct phrase?) and then had to match pictures to the right outfits (which is more difficult than it sounds because the pics were black and white and all out of order) so I spent ages being like “This looks like the outfit in the picture…no wait, no it isn’t”. I got assigned a model to dress for the show, which I assumed was stuff like zipping up her dress but it turns out I was supposed to dress EVERYTHING for her which I thought was ridiculous because can’t she put on her own shoes? Yeah, I’m new. I’m young. I was an amateur (and still is one). Don’t judge.

But I kept my mouth shut of course. I also learned there is no modesty in the fashion industry. I mean I knew they were going to be in their underwear because I had to dress them but like at some points, the models were like “you can see my bra under this dress and that looks tacky so I’m just going to take this off” and it’s like “woah where do I look? Oh no must seem professional” or like when I had to dust off their outfits while they were wearing them and I felt really awkward around the chest area because I was basically patting down their boobs. Oh Cecilia. You naive little butterfly.

Okay here comes the shade: One of the models didn’t seem to care that much for me but then what am I to her except a lowly amateur volunteer? I don’t know about the other models but she was also the one that seemed to have the most experience (or at least was the most vocal about her experience). I heard her talk about her work for Forever New. And how apparently a girl who had recognised her from a photo shoot was a totally freaky stalker which…I mean, you do know you’re a model right? You pose for photos that promote clothing/brands? Those photos are public? Ergo people will recognise you? Okay shade over. That was pathetic. I can’t even shade right.

I’m pretty sure she thought I was weird as well because I was eavesdropping and I don’t think I hid it very well. It was a small backstage. You could hear everyone talk. What was I supposed to do, turn my ears off? She also talked about another model who would make the most gorgeous Victoria’s Secret model but apparently she “walks funny”. And I paraphrase: “This is kind of mean but she wouldn’t work on the runway but she takes the most gorgeous still-photos so if she just stood still, she’d be a shoo-in for Victoria’s Secret”.

We also had sushi delivered which I now realise was perfect to feed models backstage of a fashion show because it was light finger food so it wouldn’t make a mess. And there was a caterer! Make fun of me all you want for getting excited but that food was some of the best I’d ever had. Most of the food they were making for the buyers and such in the audience but we got to try some too then there was the after-party with champagne and we were told we could leave whenever we wanted. We got a Chanel voucher that all the guests of the event got…but more on that in another post. Overall, I’m glad I got the experience.

OH and there was a cute little puppy pug that was just the most adorable thing, it didn’t stay for the show but it was there during the day when everyone was preparing for the show and now I can’t help but compare it to my sister’s dog who I’m currently looking after. They’re both cute puppies but mine (a toy poodle) is very energetic and bubbly, she barks at strangers and jumps up on you and wants your food…the pug on the other hand was so sweet and docile, she greeted us when we entered the gallery but she didn’t bark or jump like mine would have, but she also doesn’t mind if you pat her and now I look at mine and frown and go “why aren’t you as sweet as her? you’re just a playful, mischievous little shit” and I mean that in a loving way but GOD sometimes I just don’t have the energy to run around with her.

This is totally off-track now but maybe I’m more of a cat person and my mum is totally prejudiced about it, she’s all “dogs are a man’s best friend, cats aren’t very loving” and I’m like OMG cats are just as needy as dogs but they don’t feel the need to jump around everywhere to show it. Then she goes “but dogs can protect us” even though the toy poodle we’re looking after is a tiny little thing, she barks because she’s SCARED, not because she’s any tough, but then mum goes “yeah but when most people hear a dog barking, they’ll leave you alone” which is true. I was home alone once and I heard the dog barking and when I looked outside, I saw she had scared off a door-to-door salesman.

Sometimes I think when I’m living by myself, I’ll get all sorts of pets like dogs, cats, rabbits, a chick and a duck (and a monkey like in Friends!), and even a snake but then what if the snake doesn’t play nice with the other creatures??? These are the things I think about until I realise I live in a capitalist society and would probably have trouble affording even one pet let alone a zoo.


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