50 Shades of Perfume

Alright guys, one more post before I bid adios for the week.

I was shopping a couple of weeks ago and I got stopped by a saleswoman. I know what you’re thinking: “Why did you stop!?” The answer to that is for another post for another time. The point is, that THIS time, I bought a perfume for $90 or so and got five other perfumes for free. That’s a pretty good deal right? Except if she knew what she was doing, all the perfumes were probably worth $20 and she made me think I was getting more for my money’s worth. Oh well.

The thing is, I don’t even wear perfume. I’m good to go with deodorant. Save the perfume for dates and special events. But now I’m confident enough that I have too much to just keep on “saving” them. So we’re going to be doing some test-runs. For 50 (okay so I don’t know the exact number) non-consecutive days, I will be wearing a different perfume every day. I will document and review how they feel and how other people respond to them and draw up a comparison by the end of which worked best for what etc.

There will be two editions of this: the Taylor Swift edition in which I have all of her perfumes and the…non-Taylor Swift edition. Stay tuned!


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