Taylor Swift’s Fashion Eras: A Quick LookBook

So first we had Country Music Taylor:

When I was fifteen, I loved the idea of a sun dress and cowboy boots and that was all I wore for like two years

Then we had Love Story Taylor:

And then I just started loving the Bohemian look fairy-type looks with a flowery headband so I dressed like fairy would dress like for two years


Next came Speak Now/Red Taylor:

I see pictures from the 50’s and 60’s where women have like red lips and a pearl earring and like those very classic looks and dress a little more vintage




And now we have…


Source: (x)

Just kidding. Now we have 1989 Taylor with crop tops and leggy assortments of skirts and dresses:

Taylor Swift attends the 49th Annual Academy Of Country Music Awards



So why all these changes?

As a songwriter and as a person, I just try to be really open to inspiration, you know whether I’m walking down the street on New York and I see somebody wearing something cool and I’m affected by those things in the same way you have to be vulnerable to new emotions and painful emotions and great emotions and let those things into your song writing. I kind of let the same thing happen to me as far as fashion goes and what you find is yourself experimenting and becoming comfortable you know trying out things you weren’t comfortable with before but I do, I’m very organised in weird ways in that I kind of like to look at old pictures and see what my hair looks like and what I’m wearing and be like ‘Oh that was the second album’.

So how does her upcoming album ‘1989’ and her new lead single ‘Shake It Off’ reflect her new style?

Writing ‘Red’, I was 21 and 22 and back then I think my priorities were different. My priorities were, I was very enamored by romance and the idea of that. At 24, at this point, I’m just really like, I just want to be with my friends, and I wanna make music, and I wanna play shows, and I wanna travel the world, and I want to define my life on my own terms. That’s my list of priorities now which is different than it was a couple years ago.


– Taylor Swift on the difference between writing ‘Red’ and ‘1989’ (x)

When you go through these eras, you see it is not just Taylor’s hair that’s changed, it’s her entire attitude which reflects in her music and fashion. Gone is the awkward hopeless romantic teenager who was afraid to wear high heels. In her place is a grown independent woman who ain’t afraid to flaunt it! And I for one, am happy to welcome her new found confidence!


Source: (x)

Note: None of these photos are mine. As much as I love Taylor, I do not follow her around everywhere with a camera. Photographers call them candids. Police officers call it stalking.


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